Here’s My Story

Thomas Wilson

Hi there. I’m Thomas Wilson, and I’m proud to present this site to you with my pal, Buster.

I always had dogs around me growing up.

I was born into a family that had a golden lab, then my cousins had shepherds, and there was just always a four-legged furry friend around.

It was something familiar to me.

I didn’t even really consider that when I moved out and went on my own, that I’d be missing something. That is, until I met Buster.

The house was just too quiet. I found a few ads online that some pups were looking for good homes, but then I saw one for Buster with a lot of extra info in the listing.

The way his previous owner worded it, he had no faith that anyone would want to take on an older dog with medical problems.

But here we are. Buster’s nine years old now, and he’s in the best shape of his life thanks to keen research and scientifically-backed dog food formulas that help control the damaging effects of diabetes.

I put this site together to catalog all of my findings, from quality dog foods to information on aging and doggy diabetes, so that other owners can get the right information to ensure their pups live a long, healthy life.

Come join me and my best friend as we cut through all the myths and legends around dog food, discuss healthy weight ranges and dieting, and continue to find new ways and ideas to promote a long, happy life for your dogs.